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Uncaught TypeError: $.widget.extend is not a function at openDialog (logspam)
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Uncaught TypeError: $.widget.extend is not a function
at $.<computed>.<computed>._createWidget  URL1:775:897
at new $.<computed>.<computed>  URL1:772:667
at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous>  URL1:775:470
at Function.each  URL1:260:2
at jQuery.fn.init.each  URL1:258:2
at jQuery.fn.init.$.fn.<computed> [as dialog]  URL1:775:342
at Object.reallyCreate  URL2:47:84
at Object.openDialog  URL2:45:265
at jQuery.fn.init.$.fn.wikiEditor  URL2:13:134
at Object.doAction  URL2:18:317


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Superficially, this looks related to T256466? AFAICT that looks to have been resolved sometime in the last week or so, so I can't confirm the message I received there, but the (fractional?) request url here would suggest a different pathway.