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Create a coverage job for skins
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There seem to be no job template in integration-config to provide phpunit coverage for skins. We have achieve quite nice test coverage for WikimediaApiPortal skin, would be nice to be able to enable coverage job in CI.

Looking at mediawiki/skins.git, several MediaWiki skins do have PHPUnit tests (ls -1d */tests/phpunit):


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I had a very quick look at it, most of our logic to generate coverage for MediaWiki extensions has extensions hardcoded in. So we would need to do a bunch of refactoring or copy pasting to support skins as well. It is not the end of the world, but definitely a few hours to commit to.

Beside WikimediaApiPortal I have noticed a few more skins having PHPUnit tests which could benefit having coverage reports: BlueSpiceCalumma,
MinervaNeue and Vector.

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Removing WikimediaApiPortal tag since this task applies to several skins

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