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Watchlist tab empty (no alternative text) when loading images is off
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If you disable images in your web browser and navigate to the Vector skin the watchlist tab

Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 8.31.06 PM.png (283×615 px, 59 KB)

  • 1) Inaccessible for visually impaired: There's no link text to be read. (The inner span has display: none;.)
  • 2) Inaccessible even for common users: If images are off, noone can spot "(un)watch" tab. Again, there's no text to fallback.

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: normal



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If the image wasn't a background image, but a real <img> tag, the alt attribute could be used.

For me using VoiceOver, the title attribute of the watchlist item is spoken btw. I am told:

ting (audio indicating a link), then "Add this page to your watchlist [w]", I'm guessing we don't really need feedback to pronounce the current status of the watchtlist, if we already have the link to give feedback.

Oh, and r69317 removes the "display:none" from the watch span it seems. At least from what I can see on the prototype. Is that any better ?

maria.schiewe wrote:

I would say that this bug is indeed fixed with the revision Derk-Jan posted. Danny can you cross-check please?

jp.posma wrote:

I can confirm this is still a problem: until recently my mobile provider heavily compressed data, which sometimes led to failure in displaying of images. In such an event the watch tab was not displayed. I'll look into this.

The watchlist tab is accessible with Orca 3.2 Screenreader and Firefox 18 on Fedora - it's read.

It's still valid that nothing is displayed instead of the star when loading images is switched off, hence updating summary.

With regard to comment 5, for general issues with loading images please file a separate report.

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Just vector has a icon for unwatch, so moved the task.

Currently there is a background-url per css.

Icon has been turned to dataURI, which makes it display even if images are turned off and thus solves second point. However, IE7 has Grade C support claimed, and it does not support dataURI, so it is presumable that the issue will still be there.

Point 1 seems to be solved.

@Danny_B could you update this task with some screenshots and replication instructions? I do not understand this problem and what needs to be done. In particular I'm not clear what " loading images is off" means and what "watchlist tab" means and what skin this problem applies to :(.

some screenshots

Sorry, no... No IE7 handy anymore... :-/

replication instructions

Turn off images loading.
Load page.
Try to locate watch/unwatch tab.
(You can't as it is blank.)

what needs to be done

Make it not blank.

what " loading images is off" means

You can turn off loading of images in browser.

what "watchlist tab" means

<li class="icon mw-watchlink" id="ca-watch">
		<a accesskey="w" title="Add this page to your watchlist [Alt+Shift+w]" href="/w/index.php?title=MediaWiki&amp;action=watch">Watch</a>

what skin this problem applies to

Vector, as associated tag implies...

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We could put a star emoji there (CSS-only, generated with :before/:after), normally hidden behind the image (using some positioning/z-index tricks)? ;)

This is not a WCAG 2.0 issue since there is a text alternative by WCAG's definition of the term.

My gut feeling is that disabling images is rare these days and I don't think losing access to the watchstar when you do is a big deal - and if it is can be solved by user scripts. As part of desktop improvements we might want to consider showing a label alongside the watchstar similar to how the Minerva skin works.

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 12.54.51 PM.png (272×1 px, 55 KB)

I think we should decline this bug and instead make sure this happens as part of

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That's not an accessibility issue any more, that's a minor personal preference issue at best. Even if images are off, the hover title gives you a hint about the action.