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Add official etherpad-lite plugins to
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Project setup checklist

  • Repository:*
  • Content fit
  • OS License
  • Quality of strings
  • Message documentation
  • Activity
  • File format: JSON
  • Project information (see template below)
  • Commit access

Project information

Name: Various
Logo: re-use
Project description: Various
Project page:

Project configuration (for translation admins)

Namespace: EtherpadLite
Prefix: ``
Mangler prefix: ``

All prefixed with
ep_comments ep_padlist2 ep_adminpads2 ep_markdown ep_headings2 ep_align ep_font_size ep_subscript_and_superscript ep_table_of_contents ep_webrtc ep_cursortrace ep_font_color ep_author_hover ep_spellcheck ep_author_follow ep_mathjax ep_hide_referrer ep_hash_auth ep_headerauth

Event Timeline

Change 634188 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nikerabbit; owner: Nikerabbit):
[translatewiki@master] Add many Etherpade lite plugins

Change 634188 merged by jenkins-bot:
[translatewiki@master] Add many Etherpad lite plugins

abi_ added a subscriber: abi_.

Related patch has been deployed and merged on translatewiki.

Can be translated here:

Need to try exports.

Change 634963 had a related patch set uploaded (by Abijeet Patro; owner: Abijeet Patro):
[translatewiki@master] Replace / with : for exports in Etherpad lite plugins

Change 634963 merged by jenkins-bot:
[translatewiki@master] Replace / with : in repo URL for exports in Etherpad lite plugins

Now stuck on lacking permissions. Have contacted our contact.

Permission issues were resolved and I did a successful export. I encouraged them to add message documentation through