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Growth team - Mentor audit - OCt. 2020 edition
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Ambassadors to check the mentors activity.

  • Step 1: look through all the list of mentors, and note down whether they are (a) active on wiki, (b) answering newbie questions
  • Step 2: report the findings in this task as a comment
  • Step 3: check if there is a trend on communities concerning mentors' involvement.

Decision to remove inactive mentors would be left to communities, after a possible communication in the Growth team newsletter.

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Report from Arwiki;

  • 13 mentors in totally,
  • One mentor is back after one month of inactivity (added his name by himself),
  • One mentor is active but didn't reply to questions since September 27,
  • One mentor also admin is protecting (since August) his talkpage from edits by newcomers. So I asked him if the abusefilter solution from @Urbanecm_WMF will be convenient in order to remove the protection.
  • All other mentors are active and are replying to questions.

Hi, so in viwiki:

  • 12 mentors total
  • Keo010122: the lastest 2 questions are unanswered
  • Q.khải: a lot of questions unanswered, but he did answer few questions.
  • Mạnh An: most of the questions are answered
  • All mentors are active. Mentors not mentioned above answered all mentee's questions.

We have an user changed his name. Should it be changed in the mentor list too?

We have an user changed his name. Should it be changed in the mentor list too?

Yes. Otherwise, I think the tool won't work. Let me ask, but the change should be made in the meantime, just in case.

@Urbanecm -- could you please include your audit?

Oh, sure, I forgot to post it here. I just re-ran the script to re-generate, and the mentor activity seems to be in order.

Thank you for checking!

Overall, it appears that mentors take good care of their mentees.

I don't think there is a particular action to take there. However, I'll add a line, as a community tip, in the next newsletter, inviting people to check on mentors and advertising again on special:ClaimMentees.