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Allow inserting a new line
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Please let the user capable to insert a new line within the text.

Now the software deletes the new line characters (in my case I use the "Enter" key which is shown in editor-view, but disappears from the text).

With new lines you can arrange your own text to be more readable. (like in this text)

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Aklapper renamed this task from insert new line to Allow inserting a new line.Oct 15 2020, 9:14 AM

We appreciate your reporting this @Misibacsi. Two questions for you:

  1. Can you share what text input mode – source or visual – you were using when you had the experience that led you to file this task?
  2. Can you share a screenshot of the text you entered that you expected to produce blank lines?

We remove the blank lines, because they would have no effect anyway – in a wikitext syntax like this, there would be no extra gap between the 2nd and 3rd line:

:test row 1
:test row 2
:test row 3


image.png (335×997 px, 28 KB)

Because of this, we assumed that most editors would think that it just clutters up the page.

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