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discrepancy between displayed page and content - post will not be displayed
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Author: gangleri

Dear friends,

It was a hard work to use the hebrew user interface in order to
post a message to the User Talk page of the Wikipedian
ambasador. (The result of reformating the English text depending
of the occurence of characters as ",", ".", "[", "]"
during "Show preview" was new for me.)

I was surprised not being able to see my post there today.

Nevertheless the message can be seen comparing the history files
at (
A9:Felagund&action=history ) .

newest version: 6. october (?) 2004, 01:49
previous version: 26. september (?) 2004, 14:43

at the moment with the following link (
3AFelagund&diff=0&oldid=127307 ) .

Hope that this is not a "new" bug. Would be happy if the message
could be send by normal e-mail by a administrator because not
loged in "E-mail this user" would not be available.

Regards Reinhardt

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC


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validators/wikimedia: Add support for Private-Change footerrepos/ci-tools/commit-message-validator!8jbondadd_private_changemain
Customize query in GitLab

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gangleri wrote:

(In reply to comment #1)

I can see it, it's at


Unfortunattely I can not see it. The link mentioned above returns "an
empty page" related somehow to User Felagund. Only "Edit this page" is
possible, no content, no "History", no "+" ... . If details about my
operating system (MS Windows XP version) and browser (MS IE) are required
please let me know. Thank you in advance.

Regards Reinhardt

gangleri wrote:

Dear friends, Later last night I could see the content of the refered
section properly (both looking at the whole discussion and at the mentioned
item). Have no explanation why the bahavior changed. Please not that this
issue is not related to "looking at an old page in the browsers cache".
Regards Reinhardt

Reclosing as WFM. Looking at that history page and the oldid's I can see no problem at all. Of course none of this text is displayed on the _current_ page rev, so I can't confirm if it was indeed not displaying right (although comment #1 says it was). Most likely this was either a temporary problem or long since fixed.