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Sample Product Analytics Onboarding Checklist
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  • Access to Office Wiki and Meta (from OIT) (WMF full-time staff only)
  • Added to Product Analytics Google Group
  • Invited to team meetings:
    • Key meetings for team(s) you support
    • Product Analytics (planning, grooming, retro, sharing)
    • Product Analytics & Analytics Engineering (sync & retro)
    • Research Group Lab Meeting (optional)

Onboarding Checklist:

  • Create MediaWiki account
  • Create Wikitech account
  • Create Phabricator account
  • Request Phabricator permissions to see WMF/NDA restricted tickets
  • Request Production Access (see our Onboarding Notes for groups and machines needed)
  • Create your Meta user page (here's an example!) (WMF full-time staff only)
  • Add yourself to the Staff contact list (WMF full-time staff only)
  • Join Slack and our team channel: product-analytics
  • Join the appropriate IRC channels (IRC Instructions)
    • wikimedia-office (Wikimedia Foundation public meetings channel | Channel is logged and publicly posted)
    • wikimedia-analytics (Wikimedia Analytics Engineering Team public chat)
    • wikimedia-research (The official channel of Wikimedia Research. The Science must Flow!)
    • wikimedia-tech (Technical help for Wikimedia wikis:
    • wikimedia-staff ( Wikimedia Staff Channel | For info see | For access nudge someone with voice or op, or see docs. | All private (work and non-work) discussion welcome!)
  • Meet with colleagues
    • PM(s) for supported team(s)
    • Engineering Manager(s) for supported team(s)
    • Product Directors
    • Nuria Ruiz, Principal, Analytics Engineering (Tech)
    • Others as needed

Logins for:

  • Namely
  • Fidelty
  • Navia

Event Timeline

@Delphine_wmf before onboarding, I review the list to see if anything has changed and update accordingly (I haven't done that here). When a new person joins, I ask them to let me know if anything is confusing and ask them to update the onboarding doc if they find anything out of date or missing.

Past examples:

@Aklapper FYI this was created/shared as an example of how Phabricator can be useful in onboarding processes.

Thanks. Where is the canonical source of this task description located?

@Aklapper not sure what you mean. Maybe @kzimmerman can help. This was jsut a copy/paste from one of the tasks she had and adjusts to onboard people on her team.

I guessed that the copy and paste comes from somewhere, and is not reinvented every time, so I guess there is a place where it is taken from. :)

@Delphine_wmf: Hmm, is there anything actionable in this task? Maybe I misunderstand why it was created? :)

Ha, it was created to provide me with a copy of what Kate is using in her onboarding process, as I gather different things around how people use onboarding checklists. Does that answer your question?

@Delphine_wmf: Ah, thanks! If this is not an actionable task then could you set the status to invalid (via the Add Action...Change Status dropdown) please? (For future reference, may be better suited for "dropping information" that's not actionable.) Thanks! :)