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Test deployment-charts for kubernetes 1.19 compatibility
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Unfortunately not just a simple Rakefile patch...

The kubeyaml situation changed a bit at the new version has been re-written as a react app without a CLI.
We could probably stick to the old implementation and maintain future updates (for each k8s version) ourselves, but that does not sound very appealing.

I had a bookmark for in my browser (that's all the research I did on that by now). If it does what we need/got from kubeyaml, we can maybe migrate with less effort then patching kubeyaml.

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While it looks like kubeval basically works and we can easily replace kubeyaml with it, it has the disadvantage of relying on ( to fetch the schema from so we would need to include a copy of that in the CI image and run like:
kubeval -v 1.11.0 -s file:///tmp/kubernetes-json-schema/

The schema repo currently does not have 1.19 schemata included and seems not particularly fast/automated in including them. So we will probably have to do that ourselves/and or send PRs upstream.

I fiddled with this a bit and I it is possible to use a local version/checkout of the schema which we can also generate ourselves with something like:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import json
import os

import requests
import link_header
from datetime import datetime
from openapi2jsonschema.command import default as oapi2json


def fetch_all_k8s_releases(recurse=True):
    # Fetch a list of all k8s releases
    def _fetch(url):
        resp = requests.get(url)
        if resp.status_code == 403:
            limit_reset = datetime.utcfromtimestamp(int(resp.headers["X-RateLimit-Reset"]))
            print("Rate limited until %s UTC" % limit_reset)
        body = resp.json()
        if "link" not in resp.headers:
            return (body, None)

        for link in link_header.parse(resp.headers["link"]).links:
            if link.rel == "next":
                return (body, link.rel)

    all_releases, next_link = _fetch(K8S_RELEASES_URL)
    while recurse and next_link is not None:
        releases, next_link = _fetch(next_link)

    return all_releases

def filter_stable_k8s_release_versions(in_releases):
    # Return a list of only stable k8s releases version numbers
    releases = []
    for rel in in_releases:
        if rel.get("draft", False) or rel.get("prerelease", False):

    return releases

def openapi_to_json(path, version, force=False):
    schema_url = "" % version
    # FIXME This should probably be a local, maybe relative url
    prefix_url = "" % version

    def _o2j(output, stand_alone, expanded, kubernetes, strict, prefix=""):
        if not prefix:
            prefix = os.path.join(output, "_definitions.json")
        return oapi2json.callback(output=output,

    output = os.path.join(path, version)
    if force or not os.path.isdir(output):
        _o2j(output=output, prefix=prefix_url, stand_alone=False, expanded=True, kubernetes=True, strict=False)
        _o2j(output=output, prefix=prefix_url, stand_alone=False, expanded=False, kubernetes=True, strict=False)

    for variant in ("standalone-strict", "standalone", "local"):
        output = os.path.join(path, "-".join((version, variant)))
        if not force and os.path.isdir(output):
        stand_alone = "standalone" in variant
        strict = "strict" in variant
        _o2j(output=output, stand_alone=stand_alone, expanded=True, kubernetes=True, strict=strict)
        _o2j(output=output, stand_alone=stand_alone, expanded=False, kubernetes=True, strict=strict)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    releases = fetch_all_k8s_releases(recurse=False)
    stable_versions = filter_stable_k8s_release_versions(releases)
    for version in sorted(stable_versions, reverse=True):
        print("Generating spec for %s" % version)
        openapi_to_json("/tmp/kubernetes-json-schema", version)

My current plan is to build a kubeval deb and add a git repo with the needed kubernetes api schema. I think we don't need fancy auto-upgrade stuff for the schema repo as we don't upgrade k8s that often. I will add a script like the above, so that we can just run that locally and commit the new kubernetes version schema to the repo once we plan to upgrade to a new version (or once we want to test for compatibility with a new version).

[27.10.20 14:03] <jayme> akosiaris: so unfortunately, kubeval is way less picky than kubeyaml is. I guess that's simply because it just validates against the spec rather then actually parsing into the go structures (which I think kubeyaml did)
[27.10.20 14:04] <jayme> means we won't get those "type errors" we had seen (like "[spec.template.spec.volumes] key volumes has wrong type <nil> (should be []interface{})")
[27.10.20 14:07] <akosiaris> umf
[27.10.20 14:09] <jayme> the nodejs kubeyaml otoh still seems to detect those
[27.10.20 14:10] <jayme> and still has this weird issue of just parsing the first object of a yaml stream :-)
[27.10.20 14:17] <jayme> but that difference also means that kubeyaml still uses go for the backend, which turns out to be true...
[27.10.20 14:17] <jayme> sooo...we could a) run the kubeyaml backend internally or b) hack together a cli
[27.10.20 14:31] <akosiaris> jayme: there is a c). Just figure out what needs to be done to import the versions we are missing to the current one
[27.10.20 14:31] <akosiaris> it means we are forking it of course.
[27.10.20 14:31] <akosiaris> Which given upstream's stance, it might not be a bad idea. I am just not sure we want to pay that cost. Lemme try to do it and gauge how much of a pain it is
[27.10.20 14:32] <jayme> akosiaris: oh, yeah. That problem - I can figure out what it needs to add 1.19, I'm looking into all that now anyways
[27.10.20 14:33] <jayme> on the long run, maybe someone will re-add CLI to the current backend code ...
[27.10.20 14:46] <jayme> akosiaris: the backend code seems to be API compatible to the old CLI interface :D

So I created, imported that tarball as tags/upstream/0.0.3_20201027+git5f5556c and updated vendor & stuff in

Change 636878 had a related patch set uploaded (by JMeybohm; owner: JMeybohm):
[integration/config@master] helm-linter: Update kubeyaml

Change 636879 had a related patch set uploaded (by JMeybohm; owner: JMeybohm):
[integration/config@master] jjb: update job to releng/helm-linter:0.2.10

Change 636881 had a related patch set uploaded (by JMeybohm; owner: JMeybohm):
[operations/deployment-charts@master] Test charts/deployments for compatibility with k8s 1.19

Change 636878 merged by jenkins-bot:
[integration/config@master] helm-linter: Update kubeyaml

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2020-10-28T10:00:02Z] <hashar> Successfully tagged docker-registry.discovery.wmnet/releng/helm-linter:0.2.10 # T266032

Change 636879 merged by jenkins-bot:
[integration/config@master] jjb: update job to releng/helm-linter:0.2.10

Change 636881 merged by jenkins-bot:
[operations/deployment-charts@master] Test charts/deployments for compatibility with k8s 1.19

Change 639736 had a related patch set uploaded (by JMeybohm; owner: JMeybohm):
[operations/deployment-charts@master] Add kubernetes 1.16 to the list of tested versions

Change 639736 merged by jenkins-bot:
[operations/deployment-charts@master] Add kubernetes 1.16 to the list of tested versions