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Site: 1 VM request for Analytics test cluster
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Cloud VPS Project Tested: N/A
Number of systems: 1 VM
Service: Analytics test cluster
Networking Requirements: internal IP, Analytics VLAN
Processor Requirements: 2 VCPUS
Memory: 4GB
Disks: 150GB
Other Requirements: N/A

This is to replace an-tool1006, which is running Stretch, and we'd like to upgrade to Buster.

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Change 635379 had a related patch set uploaded (by Razzi; owner: Razzi):
[operations/dns@master] Add an-test-client1001.eqiad.wmnet

Change 635379 merged by Razzi:
[operations/dns@master] Add an-test-client1001.eqiad.wmnet

Marostegui triaged this task as Medium priority.Oct 21 2020, 5:11 AM
Marostegui added a project: serviceops.

Change 635624 had a related patch set uploaded (by Razzi; owner: Razzi):
[operations/puppet@production] Add an-testl-client1001 mac address

Change 635624 merged by Razzi:
[operations/puppet@production] Add an-test-client1001 mac address

@elukey Getting closer, able to ssh in to an-test-client1001.eqiad.wmnet, however puppet agent is throwing an error:

razzi@an-test-client1001:~$ sudo -i puppet agent -tv
Info: Using configured environment 'production'
Info: Retrieving pluginfacts
Info: Retrieving plugin
Info: Retrieving locales
Info: Loading facts
Error: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 500 on SERVER: Server Error: Evaluation Error: Error while evaluating a Function Call, secret(): invalid secret kerberos/keytabs/an-test-client1001.eqiad.wmnet/analytics/analytics.keytab (file: /etc/puppet/modules/profile/manifests/kerberos/keytabs.pp, line: 40, column: 26) on node an-test-client1001.eqiad.wmnet

@razzi yes this is expected, in the hiera config we have

# Kerberos config
  - role: 'analytics'
    owner: 'analytics'
    group: 'analytics'
    filename: 'analytics.keytab'

But we haven't created the keytab and uploaded it to the puppet private repo, so the agent fails. We can do it together when you are online :)

elukey claimed this task.

This is done!