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🎬 desktop-en-01 | Change banner text | ⏰ Nov 3rd
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We want to test the WMF's currently best performing banner text on English Wikipedia. The banners are based on last year's control banner.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Both control and variant banner
  • From the 2nd campaign day on, an additional sentence is displayed.
  • The variant banner contains the following banner text:

"To all our readers in Germany,

It might be awkward, but please don't scroll past this. This [day of the week], for the 1st time recently, we humbly ask you to defend Wikipedia's independence. 99% of our readers don't give; they simply look the other way. If you are an exceptional reader who has already donated, we sincerely thank you. We depend on donations averaging about € 22.81. [from 2nd campaign day on: Our fundraising appeal is displayed over [number of banner impressions] million times a day, but currently only [number of donors] people have donated.] If you donate just € 5, Wikipedia could keep thriving for years. Most people donate because Wikipedia is useful. If Wikipedia has given you € 5 worth of knowledge this year, take a minute to donate. Show the volunteers who bring you reliable, neutral information that their work matters. Thank you."

Implementation Notes

  • The values for the sentence are calculated by CampaignProjection.
  • Similar to the campaignDaySentence this additional sentence can be displayed conditionally.
  • CampaignDays can be supplemented by getDaysSinceCampaignStart()

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@kai.nissen this one is ready for check on CN

@CorinnaHillebrand_WMDE There are some minor things that need fixing:

  • The average donation amount in the control banner should also be € 22.81.
  • The impressions-vs-donors sentence is already in the control banner, but should only be there from the 2nd campaign day on.

And one more thing that wasn't mentioned in the task description:

  • The yellow info icon (from the German banners) should be in these banner, too.

updated the CTRL banner (donation amount, iVd sentence) + info icon in both ✔

@CorinnaHillebrand_WMDE Sorry, one more change request for this:

  • Can you add the campaign day sentence to the variant banner after "don't scroll past this" (the first sentence)?

And another one I also mentioned for mobile-en-01: The translation of "Spendenkonto" got lost. It should be "Donation account".

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