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Stats dashboards on are poorly navigable on mobile devices
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As described in T266132, the site is less readable on and less friendly to smartphones. On the other hand, the site is more readable on tablets like an iPad. However, navigability is the issue with this site on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. When using any browser on a mobile device like Chrome or Firefox, a stats graph would not respond to your fingers well. I tried to read the graph by moving my finger left and right, but the graph itself just moves left and right. Id est I could not see specific monthly (or daily) stats while using my finger(s) on the touchscreen.

When using Safari on an iPhone or iPad, there are issues described at T266122. If using Safari on an iPhone or iPad, tap either or, but navigability issues with the dashboards still persist as well.

I'm unsure how the site works on a hybrid tablet like Microsoft Surface Book. If anyone here uses it, testing the site out on Surface Book would be nice.