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Offer SVGs as being rendered in PNG on File pages
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Currently a couple of sites (such as use javascript to offer a bar to allow the users to access SVGs as rendered PNGs on the file pages, We should probably look at doing this by default.

Bar in question: "This image rendered as PNG in other sizes: 200px, 500px, 1000px, 2000px."

Example w/ JS:
Example w/o JS:

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I thought this was already the case. But apparently not.

Could be added in core to filetypes that support it (ie. JPG, PNG, GIF etc.).

Perhaps a global variable array or hook for extensions to add other filetypes to offer other sizes as wel (ie. TIFF, PDF).

See also bug 23162

Hm.. It looks like this was done in 1.18 but I can't confirm it. Anyone ?

It was done for the Bitmap handler only, if I remember correctly. So that does not include SVG, ogg and other media.

Bryan.TongMinh wrote:

The relevant revision was r83791. Not sure why it doesn't show up for SVGs, but the thumbnail link logic should probably be moved a few if statements up.

This has been fixed at some point.

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