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On tablets, content in task cards on workboards appear only after touched
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Sample any workboard, like Phabricator or Growth-Team, on your iPads or any other tablet. Then scroll any column just to find white task boxes. Boxes after scrolling down or up any column appear to be blank. However, tap anywhere within the workboard page, so the text will appear in seconds. Cyclically, I have to repeat steps whenever I scroll a column of the workboard. This occurs at any browser like Chrome and Safari in tablets.

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Hi @gh87, thanks for taking the time to report this! Cannot reproduce using Chromium 85 in touchscreen/mobile mode. Loading initially shows only the column headers (first image), then without clicking it later loads the tasks within the columns (second image). Needs clearer steps to reproduce, I'm afraid...

I'm using iPadOS 14.1, and here are what I captured from Safari (iPadOS):

From Chrome 86.0.4240.93 (iPadOS)

I don't know what device you were using to reproduce the steps, but I'm unsure whether you were using an iPad or any other tablet. However, if you are going to use a tablet or an iPad, don't run the "touchscreen/mobile mode", which looks to me like a version used for smartphones. By default, via iPad, the desktop version runs the site. I don't know which version any other tablet uses.

By the way, I don't know what steps I can reproduce the issue. I tried Safari's developer tools connecting a MacBook and an iPad via a USB-A cable, but the tools run slowly and are complicated for me to use. I don't know whether Chrome's devtools can connect to an iPad or another tablet.

@Aklapper If you're looking for steps while using an iPad:

  1. Try one of supported browsers
    1. If you want to run Chrome, don't switch to "touchscreen/mobile mode" if you're running devtools
  2. Go to any workboard on Phabricator, like Phabricator
  3. Swipe down or up any column of a workboard
  4. After a column is scrolled or swiped, please refrain from touching the screen for at least ten second.
    1. For greater results, wait at least one minute (seen in screenshots I uploaded)

Results with Android tablets, like Samsung Galaxy Tab, may vary as I don't know how those tablets run sites in Chrome.

Google Pixel Slate runs Chrome OS; recent Microsoft Surface products run Windows 10. I don't know how workboards fare in other non-Apple tablets.

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Ah, thanks! No iPad around here to test this... :-(

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