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How to manage which types are allowed to be created as top level objects
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Instances of some types do not make sense to be created as top level objects.

For example, it makes sense to add a new Z8/Function. It does not make sense to add a new Z3/Key or a new Zxx/Boolean.

It can make sense to limit some types, such as Zxx/Language or Z6/String as top level objects to a specific user right.

The community should be able to decide which types are allowed and which are blocked.

Maybe the creation of a type itself should be a specific user right too, similar to the creation of properties in Wikidata. Maybe a community process for new types makes sense, so we don't end up with two dozen integer types without planning.

So the standard right for a contributor should be to create instances of the 'normal' types at any time, whereas some types might be associated with further rights.

This task is about designing a solution for this, and then create tasks about the implementation.

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