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Rename "Heavy Wing"
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"Heavy Wing" has been the code name for the ML infrastructure currently under development. It was named because Chris was watching Darkwing Ducks and needed a name quickly. However, we can probably do better.

Requirements for a name:

  • No offensive, militaristic, etc.
  • Uncommon word or phrase so that mentions on the internet can be discovered.

Some ideas:

Inselberg - 751,000 Google results - an isolated hill or mountain rising abruptly from a plain.
knickpoint - 188,000 Google results - part of a river or channel where there is a sharp change in channel slope
orihon - 54,300 Google results - a strip of paper, papyrus, or vellum that is accordion-folded so as to divide the writing

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@LarsWirzenius had the idea of random Swedish or english words:

cat /usr/share/dict/swedish | grep -v '[öåä]' | while read word; do echo "$RANDOM $word"; done | sort -n | tail -n3

"rock wing" - 40,500 - no meaning

This comment was removed by calbon.

"liftwing" - 6,780 results - no meaning

"lift wing" - 63300 results - no meaning

I kinda like Lift Wing. It keeps the idea of a the platform being a "wing" for models while invoking the concept of Model Lift.

Lift Wing it is. Closing task.