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relocate/reimage cloudvirt1026 with 10G interfaces
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This host is now drained and ready for re-networking, rebuild, etc.


  • - put system offline in all checks for maint window
  • - relocate to 10G rack and update netbox
  • - update switch configuration for new primary 10G
  • - enable PXE for 10G primary interface.
  • - attach/cable secondary 10G port for instance traffic, update switch config.
  • - remove old switch config for 1G ports
  • - (update firmware?)
  • - PXE boot and reimage system
  • - reintroduce system into service cluster

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Please note I was requested to take a look at the batch of 10G moves for cloudvirt10[25-30]. All of the MAC address entries in puppet were off by two digits, likely due to the wrong interface being polled for the MAC address (easy mistake to make). I've updated the puppet repo with all of the corrected addresses, and I'm checking off the above checkboxes for the items I've confirmed. Each reimage will be done by cloud-services-team via parent task T216195. I've updated the checklist on T216195 for each host.