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Entered values in UI become invisible sometimes
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Steps to Reproduce:

  • Create new ZObject
  • delete Z2K2
  • add new key Z2K2
  • choose a type, e.g. Z4
  • add a key Z4K1
  • choose Z6
  • add an ID
  • select key to add: Z4K2

Status before pressing return:

Status after pressing return:

Actual Results:
The field of the key "identity (Z4K1)" is empty

Expected Results:
The field should continue to have the value that was entered before.

Note: the actual value, as can be expected in the raw JSON printed below, is retained, and I can save the object at the end, but the editing view does not correctly display the value while editing other fields.

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DVrandecic triaged this task as High priority.Thu, Oct 29, 6:24 PM