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OpenRefine integration feedback for the Wikibase manifests
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Hello all,

I had a closer look at the current blockers to develop a prototype of OpenRefine which would draw its Wikibase configuration values from the new automated configuration detection feature. Following our last meeting, the aim would be to completely replace the current manifests we use (rather than make them smaller). I see two outstanding issues:

  • The external services exposed in your manifest are real URLs, not URL templates (like{lang}/api) which we currently use. I totally agree that we should migrate away from these templates, however this is something that can take a bit of time because it requires changes or clarifications to the specifications of the protocol, and therefore coordination in the W3C Community Group which oversees that. Thankfully this is a topic where we have seen some movement over the past few days (out of independent interest) so it might not be that long.
  • One thing we really need for the integration to work is the text template for the edit summary, which enables the EditGroups integration. This is a snippet of wikitext which is appended to all edit summaries when uploading data to the Wikibase instance, and is used by EditGroups to detect that all these edits are part of the same group. Confusingly this is currently input as url_schema in our manifest but it's not a URL - just a text template. This page has more information about why and how we do this - if that's unclear do let me know and I can clarify things.

The first bullet point is up to us to sort out. For the second, I don't know if this is something you can consider adding? Perhaps it would be better if this text template was tool-independent (it could be reused by other tools in the same way). EditGroups does not really need to know about the originating tool to function, so we could potentially just use the generic pattern ([[:toollabs:editgroups/b/CB/89ead4fe|details]]) if that makes things easier for you.