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Add timestamps of important revision events to mediawiki_history
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With the introduction of the "mw-reverted" tag in T254074, we now see more frequently that tags are applied to revisions at a time that is not when the edit was made. This type of information is not readily available in MediaWiki History. It might be possible to infer this from comparing timestamps of an edit tagged with "mw-reverted" and the reverting edit, provided we can identify what the reverting edit is.

One source of information on these tag change events is event.mediawiki_revision_tags_change in the Data Lake. I'm unsure if MediaWiki logs these changes anywhere (e.g. the logging table).

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@Isaac : you wanted me to tag you when I filed the task for getting information about revision tag changes into MediaWiki history. Here's said tag. I don't remember what changes you were interested in, maybe they'll fit here too?

Isaac added a comment.Oct 26 2020, 1:52 PM

Thanks @nettrom_WMF for creating this ticket. I think I'm going to leave it just as Morten requested (which I agree would be useful) because I was misremembering what fields were in mediawiki_history and my ask is bigger than I had thought.

For context, what I was going to request: page restrictions (wmf_raw.mediawiki_page_restrictions) are another important property associated with pages/revisions where it can be difficult but useful to identify when they were applied so I was going to ask that timestamped information about page restrictions were also included in mediawiki_history. I was thinking that page_restrictions were already tracked in mediawiki_history though just without timestamps but I now see this would be an entirely new field so I'll make a separate task if I really need this rather than expand the scope of this task.

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It would be great for counter-vandalism tools and bots, if those tag changes could be published via the Recent Changes event stream ( or another event stream.

Should I file a new request for this?