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Article link is broken when trying to access it from the url, other than the search enging results.
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For the article "Oh, No! Not THEM!", the link appears to be broken. In the Google search result, clicking on the result works. But when clicked on from any other webpage's comments or posts, it takes you to a page on Wiki that says the article could not be found. Here is the link in question.,_No!_Not_THEM!

I had read about dead links, and tried to correct the article by updating an outdated reference link, that was moved within the site it came from. THe info is all correct now, but the link is still broken.

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Nintendofan885 added a subscriber: Nintendofan885.EditedOct 25 2020, 7:17 AM

It's because it doesn't think the exclamation mark is part of the URL,_No!_Not_THEM! should work

Also I don't think this task is to do with XTools as it seems to have no problems

It still doesn't work from anywhere except a search engine result. For
example, I copy/pasted it into a comment on Facebook to test it, and it
takes you to a page on Wiki saying that the site does not have an article
with that exact name. Yet when on the page, that is the exact name.

As far as Xtools, I wasn't sure where to submit the request, as it's not
clear how to do that from a page within the site.
Perhaps the page needs to be deleted, and then recreated? Or is there a
way to correct the url? I've created pages and corrections on the site
before, but this problem is beyond my experience thus far. I'm happy to do
the correction, but I need some direction on this one.


MusikAnimal closed this task as Invalid.Oct 26 2020, 4:17 PM
MusikAnimal added a subscriber: MusikAnimal.

This link should work everywhere,_No!_Not_THEM%21

I've also created a redirect at,_No!_Not_THEM&redirect=no so your original link should work now too.

MediaWiki should maybe percent-encode exclamation points in URLs for easier copying/pasting, but it may be that Phabricator/Facebook/etc. are in the wrong for thinking the exclamation point isn't part of the URL.

At any rate this is not an issue with XTools. Closing as invalid.

Yeah, sorry about the incorrect submission. I couldn't find a more
appropriate place to submit it for correction, so I tried this. But hey, at
least it's a working link now! Thanks for your help!