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Finalize content of Content Translation event schema
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In order to have a final draft of the Content Translation schema, we need to do the following.

  • Finish deciding exactly which events we want to track and how that will change across the different modes (desktop article translation, desktop section translation, and mobile section translation).
  • Decide what ancillary fields are necessary so that the events are properly contextualized
  • Review the schema against key research questions to ensure that the data is structured in a way that will make the analysis of those questions as easy as possible.
  • Consult Mikhail to make sure our use of fragments and naming conventions match up with Event Platform conventions (or came become Event Platform conventions)
  • Consult Language team members to ensure that the selection of events is logical and that they are feasible to instrument.
  • Describe in the draft the meaning of each event in enough detail that the implementers know exactly when each event should fire.
  • Keep the diagram of the relationships between the events up to date to ensure that nothing important is missed and as a future documentation resource.

Current schema draft

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The schema and the accompanying diagram are now complete! There may still be changes in response to the engineering review (T269144).