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Investigate email preference center prototype
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  • List of tasks for ops
  • List of tasks for Fr-tech
  • Explain how this will work and keep civi data safe
  • What would it take to provide the donor name

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We had a discussion with fr-tech-ops on this subject today and talked through potential configurations.

Elliott made notes here

So I'm gonna have a go at adding another docker image (just to my docker-composer repo for now) with civiproxy on it & trying to connect through - maybe I need 2 images/containers to represent the 2 new machines in play (proxy & new external interface)

I started digging into civiproxy. I tried to get it set up in my local docker but it turns out to need https: so I tried to get that into the docker image. I've been trying this approach - but at the time of writing it's not working (although the example whoami is working) - this is the code I have been trying - due to the generalised lack of wild success I have just been trying on dmaster.

In terms of the 'challenge' with civiproxy - they suggest creating your own api because civiproxy doesn't ensure that required fields are populated - I can't help thinking extending the metadata to permit a min_input_length per field would resolve that.

Hi all!
Not sure if this is where I should post this, but after talking to Trilogy yesterday, it was brought to my attention that we currently have 2 databases on Acoustic (all_wikimedia and Major Gifts) and that those 2 should be merge in one single preferably before we launch the preference center. Is this in your radar Eileen, Dave?

@MSuijkerbuijk_WMF I'm aware there are multiple databases - I'm not quite clear why - we only do civi exports to the main one so it probably doesn't relate to this ticket but it would be good to clean it up

Thanks @Eileenmcnaughton. I'll discuss this with the team and review next steps

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Created a bunch of subtasks under T125272, two for ops and the rest for fr-tech.