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Create North Frisian Wikipedia (wp/frr)
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The Wikipedia in the North Frisian language [1] has been approved by the Language
committee and the Board, which means that it should be created. The code is

Test project is at [2].


[1] -
[2] -

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Severity: enhancement



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 11:01 PM
bzimport set Reference to bz24663.

Abigor wrote:

Is there any progress on this one?

note for rob: poke huib before starting work on this.

Site is created, with default settings for Wikipedia project. I am going to go ahead and close this ticket.

If there are any further custom settings needed, please feel free to either reopen this ticket, or to create a new ticket. (Since this is a new project, reopening this ticket, or referencing it in your new ticket, will help avoid questions about consensus regarding newly created projects.)

Some config changes still need to be done. All following changes were announced at and got consensus.

Changes to InitialiseSettings.php:

After import the article counter is 300 to low (its a know bug by mediawiki). But having 40% less articles in all statistics shown on different wikimedia sides will not help a new startup wiki.
So please run maintance script refreshCategoryCounts.php for frrwiki.

Search suggestions are still not working after two days: should give at least "Hoodsid"

The autonym for the language in Names.php was "Frasch" which is
meanwhile outdated since frr.w.o refers to all North Frisian varieties
which Frasch is only one of. It has been altered to the more general
term "Nordfriisk" in rev 71413 due to community consensus to be found at:

This change should go live asap, since now is the time, when various
people will copy & paste the name.

Abigor wrote:

That has nothing to do with this bug...

Doesn't need to be closed for that: comment 4 should still be done
--> REOPENing

Also linktrail is not working correctly because of some additional character usage at frr. Please apply patch [[rev:71641]]:

$linktrail = '/^([a-zäöüßåāđē]+)(.*)$/sDu';

searching (full text search and title search) isn't working after a week. I think it's the same problem why ajax suggestion isn't working, too.

jeluf wrote:


Index: InitialiseSettings.php

  • InitialiseSettings.php (revision 1058)

+++ InitialiseSettings.php (working copy)
@@ -164,6 +164,7 @@

'etwiktionary' => 'Europe/Tallinn',
'fiwiki' => 'Europe/Helsinki',
'fiwikimedia' => 'Europe/Helsinki',

+ 'frrwiki' => 'Europe/Berlin',

'frwiki' => 'Europe/Paris',
'frwikibooks' => 'Europe/Paris',
'frwikiquote' => 'Europe/Paris',

@@ -6368,6 +6369,7 @@

'fiwikiversity' => array( 'b', 'q', 'n', 's', 'wikt', 'w', 'betawikiversity' ),
'fiwikimedia' => array( 'w', 'meta'),
'foundationwiki' => array( 'meta' ),

+ 'frrwiki' => array('en', 'de', 'nds'),

'frwiki' => array('wikt', 's', 'b', 'meta'),
'frwikisource' => array('w', 'n', 'b', 'en', 'de', 'it'),
// 'frwikibooks' => array('w', 'n', 's', 'en', 'v' ),

jeluf wrote:

Please don't put several requests into one ticket. This makes it very difficult for us to track what has been done and what hasn't.

Please upload the image as Image:Wiki.png if you're hosting it on-wiki.