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Wiki for Wikimedia Macedonia
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Author: misoss

We would like to request creation of a wiki for Wikimedia Macedonia (namely, and an appropriate mailing list.

Milos Stolic aka misos
member of Wikimedia Macedonia

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Severity: normal



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bugs wrote:

In the future, please create multiple bugs for multiple requests. (Different people handle different aspects [Rob makes wikis, Cary makes lists] and it's easier for tracking and usually makes people want to fix your bug if there's not a bunch of different things involved that take different amounts of times.)

(In reply to comment #0)

We would like to request creation of a wiki for Wikimedia Macedonia (namely,

Please confirm/comment on/act on the following:

$wgLanguageCode = mk
$wgLogo = ? Please upload a png file 135px by 135px for the logo.
$wgSiteName = Викимедија Македонија ?
$wgMetaNamespace = Викимедија or Викимедија Македонија
This is the "Project:" namespace.
$wgLocaltimezone = Europe/Berlin Same timezone as mkwiki is set to; Macedonia is in there.
$wgImportSources = 'w', 'meta'
So that you can import pages from mkwiki and metawiki

and an appropriate mailing list.


  • name: Wikimedia-MK
  • initial list admin: misoss [at] gmail [dot] com


Spilt the mailing list part into Bug 24666 so it can be handled seperately.

misoss wrote:

The logo is: or if png is necessary:

SiteName is OK

wgMetaNamespace should be Викимедија

The mailing list is correct.

Again, thank you for the help.