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🎬 ipad-de-01 | Address provision options | ⏰ Nov 3rd
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This is another banner campaign testing the newly introduced address type. The banners are based on the control banner of last year's last test (B19_WMDE_ipad_02_ctrl).

Acceptance Criteria

  • The control and variant banner
    • contain the progress bar.
    • contain the campaign day sentence
    • contain the impressions-vs-donors sentence from the 2nd campaign day on.
    • contain the info icon in the top left corner.
    • contain the new design of the use of funds overlay.
    • the threshold for banner size issues is set to 0.
    • state the average donation amount as 22,81 €.
  • The variant banner
    • has a 2nd form step, asking users if they want to provide address data.
    • shows an error message when trying to submit the 2nd form step without choosing an option.
    • introduces the dynamic submit button label.
    • has a "chevron left" image in the top left corner to allow for changing the previous input.
    • clears the address type value if a user moves back to the first step.
    • leads users to the donation form including the address type options (postal, e-mail address, no data).

Label Table

Full address option buttonVollständige Kontaktdaten
e-mail address option buttonNur E-Mail-Adresse
no address option buttonGar keine Kontaktdaten
full address data notice(für Spendenquittung per Post und Bestätigung per E-Mail)
e-mail address notice(für Bestätigung per E-Mail)
error messageBitte wählen Sie aus, ob Sie Kontaktdaten angeben möchten.
direct debit noticeFür Lastschriften ist die Angabe einer Adresse erforderlich.
submit button (PayPal)Weiter zu PayPal
submit button (credit card)Weiter zur Dateneingabe
submit button (bank transfers)Weiter zur Bankverbindung

Mockups (291×291 px, 22 KB)

Implementation Details

  • The dynamic submit button labels should be outsourced into a shared class.

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@AbbanWMDE There are some differences between the control and variant banner:

  • The forms should be of the same width.
  • The forms should only contain 3 payment interval options.
  • In the variant banner, the 1st step form button should be labelled "Weiter".
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