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Start discussing and processing 2 formal collaborations for knowledge gaps metrics definition
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In order to measure knowledge gaps specified in the knowledge gaps taxonomy, we want to develop metrics. For many gaps, we do not have metrics; for example gaps related to neutral point of view, or verifiability. Therefore, the aim is to initiate new formal collaborations to define metrics.

  • Identify gaps to work on with collaborators
  • Identify potential collaborators for individual gaps
  • Reach out to collaborators

Event Timeline

Update week 2020-10-26:

  • blocked on ongoing discussions on how to approach the metrics for the taxonomy (how far we want to go for each metric, how many metrics, which metrics)

Update week 2020-11-03:

  • we have still been discussing how to approach the work on metrics. some consensus around metrics based on surveys and content-diversity gaps.
  • reached out to Marc-miquel to discuss potential collaboration to work on metrics related to diversity of content.

update week 2020-11-16:

  • started discussing with Marc around possibility to collaborate on gaps related to content diversity

update week 2020-12-04:

As we are progressing in revising the taxonomy, the picture becomes more clear about which gaps to focus on. Ongoing discussions with team suggest focus on gaps related to content-dimension.

  • continuing discussions with Marc around work on gaps on content-diversity

update week 2020-12-11:

defining a schema for the components necessary in development of a metric for a gap (in order to be able to scope the work more narrowly). this can then be applied across all gaps.

Task completed. Marking as resolved.