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Add ogv.js shim to enable Safari support for OGG and WEBP videos (in quickview)
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Safari cannot currently play OGG or WEBP format videos in the Quickview panel. The file information and thumbnail loads, but the video.js player fails with the message "No compatible source was found for this media."

If the user clicks through to the relevant File page, however (where the older player is still used), the video is now playable.

According to @brion, the new player may need to engage the ogv.js shim to handle these formats, which may involve re-arranging some RL modules.

This problem likely impacts all versions of both Desktop and Mobile Safari.

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Assuming this is about SDAW-MediaSearch, hence adding that project tag so other people who don't know or don't care about team tags can also find this task when searching via projects. Please set appropriate project tags when possible. Thanks!

I just tried this in Safari 14 (the current version); the problem exists there as well.

  • MPG videos actually play fine, they just don't have a preview. So I think that problem is just an example of T271388.
  • WebM and OGG videos have thumbnails, but the quickview player fails with a message about "No compatible source was found for this media". The embedded player on the original File pages (the older one) works fine.
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