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|center| parameter in Image syntax does nothing
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Author: qleah

Although images without captions may be centered by placing them in a <div>, it
is impossible to center framed images without using tables or <center>. <div
class="thumb tnone"> is equivalent to left justification, and cannot be overridden.

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rowan.collins wrote:


Firstly, the example URL given *does* use <div>, although it uses a specific
HTML attribute rather than a CSS style rule: Template:Center expands to "<div

Secondly, [[Image:Foo|center|caption]] *should* do this for you, with or without

frame, but testing in the sandbox I couldn't make it work. Retitling bug.

jeluf wrote:

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 187 ***

rowan.collins wrote:

I'm not convinced this is a duplicate. If it is, then bug 187 needs a better
summary, since I can reproduce zero effect of |center| on an otherwise blank
page. See, for example, where
the generated HTML is <div class="floatnone"><span style="text-align:
center">...; for me, this image sits at the left-hand side of the screen -
perhaps because the outer class= is overriding the inner style= ?

jeluf wrote:

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 187 ***

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