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Proposal: Review and improve Lua documentation on meta and mediawiki
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Proposal for


Name: Ogechi Vivian
IRC nickname: ogechi
Location: Nigeria
Typical Working Hours: 2pm to 12am UTC+1 hour


Lua is supported as a scripting language in all Wikimedia Foundation sites. Lua documentation that we currently have on meta-wiki & currently needs some improvements. It is not explained clearly in the docs what Lua is, what it is used for, how it is connected with wiki modules.

The project aims to improve the documentation on:



Dec 1 to Dec 23Community bonding period. Update, to be more comprehensive and detailed in answering questions of what and why lua ,Blog post
Dec 24 to Dec 25Celebration Period
Dec 26 to Dec 29Receive feedback and do changes if necessary, Phase I evaluation
Dec 30 to Jan 19Improve the current documentation on, as some of the documentation has been marked as obsolete, Blog Post.
Jan 20 to Jan 26Receive feedback and do changes if neccessary, Blog PostPhase II evaluation
Jan 27 to Feb 16Update, to contain more comprehensive and detailed guidance on how to get started with Lua (Video tutorials inclusive)
Feb 17 to Feb 23Receive feedback and do changes if neccessary, Blog Post, Phase III evaluation.
Feb 24 to March 2Mentors submit final student evaluations


About me

I am a Devops Engr, i worked as an intern in Interswitch, Nigeria. i am currently mastering the skillset for automation and CI/CD integrations. In 2015 i graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Enginneering from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I am a quick learner and a great team player. This is my first participation in Outreachy internship and open source contribution. I am hoping that this will be an opportunity for me to kickstart my career in open source contribution.

What inspired me to work on this project is the fact that i like the concept of automation(scripting) and this will give me an opportunity learn more on scripting while researching an documenting the Lua Project.

I have gained experience in documentation,automation and scripting(bash, ansible and python) while solving issues relating to continous deployment and integration in the development team.

Microtasks completed/In progress


  • [[ T264911 | Update file to setup and install tool locally]]
  • [[ T263938 | Pywikibot: Add a quick start wikibase sample to Readme.rst ]]

Event Timeline

@Gechy Thanks for your proposal! It looks good to me, make sure to submit it on time. :)

All the best!

@Pavithraes Thanks for the feedback.. Application submitted.. Looking forward to the Internship Cheers !