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Visual Editor issue on Bengali Wikisource
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Recently I started to use the Visual Editor on Bengali Wikisource. While i open any page for proof reading it works perfectly. But at the time of saving the page it adds additional tags which makes the page contents hidden. At that time if i open the page on Source Edit mode the texts are there as expected. And if I remove those tags the page displays perfectly.

I found the issue at the following page:

The additional code was the following:

<article data-mw-proofreadpage-wrapper=""><header data-mw-proofreadpage-wrapper=""><noinclude><pagequality level="1" user="" />{{Rh|৩|3=মাঝির ছেলে}}</noinclude></header><section data-mw-proofreadpage-wrapper="">

<noinclude></section><footer data-mw-proofreadpage-wrapper=""></noinclude></footer></article>