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Allow users to trigger re-syncing of live and public versions of a PAWS notebook
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I am not sure at which interval the syncing between the live notebook and the static public copy takes place, but it is sometimes a few minutes too long for my purposes (e.g. quickly demoing something), so it would be nice to have a mechanism (perhaps something akin to "action=purge" in MediaWiki) by which a user of the public version could trigger a more immediate resync.

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It is immediate upon saving, the default autosave is 120 seconds, you can change that for any notebook with %autosave seconds where seconds is an integer. Ctrl + S will manually save your notebook and be immediately reflected in the public version.

Thanks. Wasn't aware of the autosave option.

I have been using the autosave feature for a while now but recently noticed another hickup (see the autosave remark just above cell 39 in this notebook).