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Create development and testing environment for translation memory
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In order to improve the translation memory, it should be easy to get an environment for it.

It seems that docker-compose is the way to go these days.

Requirements for the environment:

  • Setup MediaWiki and Translate (web server, database)
  • Setup ElasticSearch
  • Mounts for data and code

Event Timeline

Ran from the docker scripts.


  1. Was able to deploy the scripts and had a TTM server running on the docker.
  2. Search translations was working properly.
  3. Could mark pages for translations and translate properly.

To Discuss

  1. on mediawiki-docker-scripts can be formatted better.
  2. The current setup doesn't use MariaDB, though it should not have an impact on the testing.
  3. Should we add "extensions/UniversalLanguageSelector/composer.json" to composer.local.json?
  4. Should we document, enable and test that XHProf works well?
  1. Yes.
  2. There is
  3. ULS does not have any non-dev composer dependencies.
  4. I don't believe XHProf will be the tool to evaluate/benchmark different approaches for performance

I was able to get Translate setup with MariaDB also, incase needed. Some notes related to that are here:

I think the objectives of this task are met, and we can mark this as done.