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Experiment with generating json config
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We want to see if we can generate the json configuration without a pre-existing mediawiki installation and check if there is a way we can split up the json configuration so we can mount it as a config map for a containerized mediawiki.

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jeena created this task.Nov 2 2020, 6:50 PM
dancy added a comment.Nov 9 2020, 4:22 PM

Execution of wmf-config/CommonSettings.php requires an MW installation.

See T223602: Define variant Wikimedia production config in compiled, static files for the previous work in this area where myself and James have analyzed most all of this already with the container use case in mind.

I don't think any of it requires a MW installation, but it is certainly written with that assumption in mind since that's how MW works today. E.g. when referring to a namespace ID, there's no reason not to use the namespace constants like NS_MAIN or NS_USER. Those would be easy to substitute or define locally, however.

The CI job for wmf-config already runs standalone without a MW install.

thcipriani triaged this task as Medium priority.Dec 8 2020, 2:43 PM