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Bridgebot failing to join uk:ВП:Discord channels
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The bridge from T260502: Set up a bridge between ukwiki's informal telegram ВікіФлудочат в тг and Ukrainian Wikipedia Discord server is crashing:

time="2020-11-04T16:46:23Z" level=error msg="Error obtaining server members: HTTP 403 Forbidden, {"message": "Missing Access", "code": 50001}" func=Connect file="bridge/discord/discord.go:162" prefix=discord
time="2020-11-04T16:46:23Z" level=error msg="Bridge discord.ukwiki failed to start: HTTP 403 Forbidden, {"message": "Missing Access", "code": 50001}" func=disableBridge file="gateway/router.go:111" prefix=router
time="2020-11-04T16:46:23Z" level=error msg="removing failed bridge discord.ukwiki" func=Start file="gateway/router.go:97" prefix=router

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2020-11-04T16:57:24Z] <wm-bot> <bd808> Rolled back to 1.18.3 and filed T267239

The rollback from 1.19.0 to 1.18.3 was out of caution. The bridge's connections into Discord were already down before I did the 1.19.0 upgrade. Rolling back was still unstable until I disabled the Discord bridge in configuration. The real bug here is

@Ata can you make the permissions change described at on the Discord server?

@bd808 I went to the section you linked but saw no applications at all there. So I started from top of the Discord bot setup page and did all steps except the last one. Have I correctly assumed that I had to do this? What should I do next now?

bd808 moved this task from To Do to In Dev/Progress on the Tool-bridgebot board.

There have been multiple upstream patches to the bot software related to Discord. I think we should try hooking this up again, but I also want to make a change in the deployment that separates this discord<->telegram bridge from the other bridges so that if it breaks again it will not also disable other bridges.

bd808 moved this task from In Dev/Progress to Discord on the Tool-bridgebot board.