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Revisit the text size option to better communicate how to use it
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Users were able to identify and understand the text size feature. However, some of them struggled to understand how to use it when they started pressing the keys(4,5,6) while the text size window was still open, and it didn't change the text size. This ticket aims to communicate the best way to use the feature.

Proposed design

  • Article menu open up as a dialog box instead of a full screen.
  • Users can change and save the article text size preference using the slider.
  • A live view is available by changing the size of the dummy text and the article text in the background. Only change the dummy text when there is an image in the background.
  • Truncate the dummy text when users choose to increase the text size.
  • Preferred text size settings would be applicable only for the article title, body text, and information box.
  • Cancel softkey brings back the text size to previously saved size or default.
Article optionsOptions dialougeIncreased text sizeDecreased text size

Note: This change would be applicable for Jio and KaiOS users.

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Here's 2 things that I think could help

  1. Add some text to explain that text size can be changed anywhere in the app
  2. Make it work really everywhere, including on this screen

Dropping ideas to discuss during daily.

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Updating ticket description to accommodate for T269233, as discussed in our daily meeting today

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Here's the PR and branch name: - T267293-text-size

@SGautam_WMF would love to sync with you after you have a chance to play with it, let's talk about the LSK

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This ticket has now become a multi-PR ticket: we have gone ahead and merged and I will continue working on some fine-tuning in a follow up PR. We wanted to get the strings translations rolling as soon as possible, hence the decision to go with more than one PR.

As of right now, this is what I got for the upcoming fine-tuning:

  • We have spotted a code refactor opportunity we want to take advantage of
  • Fine-tune the sizing and styling, make sure it looks fine in Jio2 devices
  • Backspace key fine-tuning
  • Visibility of the popup behind

Will bring this ticket back to dev for the time being, stay tuned

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Fine tuning PR is, this addresses the priorities for release: styling for Jio2 devices and back popup visibility.

PR for refactor and the rest coming next.

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The big refactoring PR is merged. @Jpita please test carefully.