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Bug: Error converting HTML to wikitext (Content Translation Tool)
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I am trying to translate an article from Spanish to Catalan (Yoshida Brothers) and I came across this error just when I went clicked the button "Publica".

"Se produsiguèt un error desconegut e irrecuperable. Detalhs de l'error: Error converting HTML to wikitext: docserver-http: HTTP 400: {"type":"","method":"post","uri":"/"}"

The URL:

I am afraid the problem also appears when I try to publish it in a username page.
I cannot describe any specific step that I gave that was out of the ordinary. I started translating paragraphs just like I did for other articles.
(The initial translation has Google Translate set now and I resolved comments saying that I changed too little).

Let me know if I need to do something else or when it is fixed. Thank you very much.

Love the Content Translation Tool!

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marcmiquel renamed this task from Bug to Bug: Error converting HTML to wikitext (Content Translation Tool).Nov 5 2020, 11:07 AM

OK. I deleted the task and I created it again and it worked. But there's something wrong with the characters that made that translation get stuck.

We could close this.

santhosh claimed this task.