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Identify wiki candidates for A/B test
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This task is about identifying the Wikipedias we will approach about participating in the A/B test to evaluate the impact of the Reply Tool.

Selection requirements

The "Candidate wikis" below, collectively, met the following requirements:

  • There is a large enough number of people editing talk pages each month for the A/B test to reach "significance" in a relatively short amount of time
  • Wikis whose editors are likely to come from a variety of different places
  • Wikis whose editors use a variety of languages and scripts to communicate
  • Wikis whose monthly talk page editors are comprised of significant numbers of Junior and Senior Contributors
  • Wikis where the Reply Tool is already available as a Beta Feature

Candidate wikis

French Wikipediafrwiki
Spanish Wikipediaeswiki
Italian Wikipediaitwiki
Japanese Wikipediajawiki
Persian Wikipediafawiki
Polish Wikipediaplwiki
Hebrew Wikipediahewiki
Dutch Wikipedianlwiki
Hindi Wikipediahiwiki
Korean Wikipediakowiki
Vietnamese Wikipediaviwiki
Thai Wikipediathwiki
Portuguese Wikipediaptwiki
Bengali Wikipediabnwiki
Egyptian Wikipediaarzwiki
Swahili Wikipediaswwiki
Chinese Wikipediazhwiki
Ukrainian Wikipediaukwiki
Indonesia Wikipediaidwiki
Amharic Wikipediaamwiki
Oromo Wikipediaomwiki
Afrikaans Wikipediaafwiki


  • The ===Candidate wikis section above is filled in with wikis that meet the ===Selection requirements


Event Timeline

Task description update
I've updated the task description's ===Selection requirements and ===Candidate wikis sections to include the wikis we will approach about participating in the A/B test and the criteria we used to define this list of wikis. cc @Whatamidoing-WMF