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[MEP Client Library] Write User-facing Documentation
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As we are getting to the point of having all teams fully migrated and using the Modern Event Platform, there needs to be documentation readily available to provide data scientists, analysts, engineers, and data consumers how to interact with the interface to generate the data they need.

To document (more will be added)
  • Document how ad blockers / tracking blockers interact with MEP client libraries (see T263503 for a related task for EventLogging)
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Did you maybe mean and
Is this about Event-Platform, or maybe Core Platform Team Initiatives (Modern Event Platform (TEC2)), or both?

Marked as invalid, using a different task for this

kzimmerman subscribed.

I realized I didn't find another place to make notes about what we should document re: the client libraries. Reopening as a placeholder for tracking things we should document about the client libraries (including caveats, etc).

Adding #Product-Infrastructure-Team-Backlog as Better Use Of Data/Product-Data-Infrastructure project tags got archived, so this open task has an active project tag and can be found.


How to guides:

  1. Hacking on the Metrics Platform

☝️ I've published all of the draft documentation that I've written so far on wikitech at

@EChetty: Do you want to keep this on the kanban board (bearing in mind we have an impending documentathon) or move it back into the backlog?