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Errors when creating clients
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We received a report (T254950#6605907) of a user on beta with a confirmed email address being unable to create a client using Special:AppManagement. The "Create client" button appears for them, but they receive a email_not_confirmed error when attempting to create a client. I think the best approach here is to try to reproduce this issue in production since this could be an issue specific to email confirmation on beta.

Another user reported receiving CORS errors when attempting to create a client: T254950#6611487. I wasn't able to reproduce this error myself, so we should try with a few others to see if we can reproduce.

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I was able to reproduce the email_not_confirmed error in production. To test this, I removed and re-verified by email address. After this, I receive the error {"message":"email_not_confirmed","httpCode":400,"httpReason":"Bad Request"} when attempting to create a client. This matches the state on Special:OAuthConsumerRegistration/propose on Meta, stating "Unauthorized. You must confirm your email address before creating OAuth applications. Please set and validate your email address through your user preferences."

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The first issue is being tracked as T269880, and the second was resolved in T264637