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"Desktop Improvements search bar" hide links
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Hello ,


-Firefox 82
-Vector skin
-Desktop Improvements search bar
-useful links.js from @hoo

Current result

With Reading/Web/Desktop Improvements/Features/Search, the change of position of the search bar, all the links located just above the edit zone (example useful links.js) go behind this zone and are no longer clickable. With the original editor, the problem goes away. An image is more expressive:

Bug Desktop Improvements 20201109.png (163×271 px, 12 KB)

Expected result

The editing area should be in the background. "Desktop Improvements" changes are not visible with Chrome, so the problem does not arise, QED.


When I look at "User menu" of "Desktop Improvements" in addition to personal tools, will the menu also be behind the edit area?

I love using 2017WikitextEditor and useful links, so if you could fix that I would be forever grateful . Txs. —Eihel