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Shellbox MediaWiki integration
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Some work will be needed to properly integrate Shellbox with MediaWiki. Some WIP patches have been uploaded.

  • Replace MediaWiki's Shell\Command with Shellbox's UnboxedCommand, and add a BoxedCommand factory.
  • Give MediaWiki a registry of Shellbox route names. Shellbox configuration array mapping route name to configuration in extension.json.
  • Use extension.json configuration for the local mode? i.e. use it in CommandFactory::getLocalShellboxOptions().
  • A MediaWiki maintenance script that generates suggested Shellbox configuration, based on extension.json.
  • Port Score to BoxedCommand
  • Add HttpRequestFactory::createGuzzleClient() which provides a configured Guzzle HTTP client that respects $wgHTTPMaxTimeout etc. Per the todo item in ShellboxHttpClient in the WIP patch.