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Extension should show warning when page on target wiki exists
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As a part of my job in WikiTeq, currently I'm working on updating of the documentation for the Push extension.

Because of that reason, I'm testing this extension so I can update documentation and screenshots, but I found this bug now.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install this extension per documentation
  2. Configure extension in way that pages can be pushed on
  3. On your wiki make page with title (example) "Test page"
  4. Try to push it on

When I want to push "Test page" from my wiki to "Test Wikipedia", and I click on "Push" button, text of button changes on "Push completed" and it means that this is done.

Expected behaviour:
If page already exists on the target wiki, extension should show a warning that page on target wiki already exists. Or, in this case, extension should provide an option to "overwrite content".

Actual behaviour:
No warning is displayed, and on the target wiki, the content is not saved.