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Interface errors on cr1-eqiad:xe-3/2/1
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Now that T263019 is done, traffic is flowing on that interface, and revealing CRC errors:

Faulty cable or optic. Feel free to replace without draining traffic away. Ping me if any issue.


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This is not showing errors anymore.

Didn't see it was assigned to me, oops.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2020-11-24T16:01:19Z] <cmjohnson1> replacing the sfp at cr1-eqiad xe-3/2/1 T267672

I replaced the sfp+ at cr1-eqiad xe-3/2/1 cleared the interface statistics on that port. Let's leave this open a few days to see if anything changes.

noticed this today

Statistics last cleared: 2020-11-24 16:04:52 UTC (1d 04:14 ago)

Input rate     : 1272 bps (1 pps)
Output rate    : 3536 bps (4 pps)
Input errors: 2, Output errors: 0
Active alarms  : None
Active defects : None
PCS statistics                      Seconds
  Bit errors                          8496
  Errored blocks                     29484

@XioNoX it appears a new fiber will need to be run. I will get to this next week. Do we need to schedule any downtime? The total time offline is 1 minute (long enough for me to swap out fiber on both ends).

No need to schedule anything. Thanks.

replaced the cable, gave it the same cable number, removed the old fiber. Cleared the interface statistics on cr1.

No new errors since I replace the fiber. Resolving this