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[Epic] Build Media Matching API for bots/scripts
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User story: As a bot writer on wikis, I want a reliable and robust API for matching highly relevant multimedia/images to specific articles, so that I can accurately add files (mostly images) to articles that my bots create or edit.

We have this: The MediaSearch API exists but probably doesn't have everything bot writers want. Some bot writers are using their own rough algorithms to do this work but would like something better.

We want this:

Acceptance Criteria:

  • A “Lead Image” API call to return a single image that is highly likely to be representative of a given Wikipedia article
  • A “collection” API call that provides a gallery of relevant images that can be inserted at the end of article main text
  • Utilize MediaSearch as a core component of the API
  • (if necessary) Return a "confidence score" value in the API that scripts can use to estimate how relevant/accurate the returned images are

During development, please test the following:

  • Use a bot on beta wiki to test the above features

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@WDoranWMF @sdkim -- here's a task where the Structured Data team records what they want to surface to their bot writers for their use case. I wanted to point this out to ask whether it seems like this should somehow be part of the "Task API".

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