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Categorize all the email export failures and suggest a solution
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As an fr-tech/advancement team member, I would like to know the major reasons why the email export fails and what can be done about it so that it isn't blocking the email team anymore.


  • give through failmail, email and phab and categorize the most common failures.
  • make tasks for further investigation or fixes.

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@DStrine there is only one cause that is semi-unresolved. Maggie did a work-around that means it is not failing now but we still have occasional discrepancies on is_primary from deduping which I think I can replicate in a test & if we can reliably solve that we can removed Maggie's work around (which would be better from a data-integrity point of view but at the margins - ie there is a risk that an email could wind up on the suppression list that shouldnt but I think the volume is maybe a handful a year & we have other ways emails can leak onto the suppression list

@spatton and @MNoorWMF and @KHaggard FYI I think a few people accidentally added to the suppression per year would be an ok price to pay but looping you in here.

Thanks for looping, David! I think for data integrity's sake, what Eileen said makes sense. I'm just curious (no urgency) - can we quantify approximately how many or what percentage of the list this might happen to?

@MNoorWMF - my guess is maybe a few hundred a year between this & other gotchas. That's what I thought the purge & rebuild of the suppression list occassionally was supposed to clear out

I've moved this into done as they have pretty much stopped after the last patches