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What to do about Amazon recurring donations
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The donor in Zendesk 859645 cid=47936889 created two recurring annual fund Amazon donations on Saturday:

RECURRING AMAZON P01-1713917-1832652-C093284
RECURRING AMAZON P01-6199685-8634712-C040290

I tried various combinations of transaction IDs and payment gateways to see the UTM source, but was unable to find the right combination for this query:

MariaDB [fredge]> select contribution_tracking_id, gateway, order_id, validation_action, pb.filter_name, pb.risk_score as filter_score, pf.risk_score as total_score, INET_NTOA(user_ip) AS human_ip, payment_method, date from payments_fraud pf LEFT JOIN payments_fraud_breakdown pb ON pb.payments_fraud_id = where gateway='recurring_amazon' AND order_id ='94105402-2';

This raises some questions:

  1. Can we tell how the donor did this, and make any modifications on our end to prevent these from being created? If it would help for DS to ask the donor what they did, please let me know. I have not yet tried hacking the URL to see if I can recreate.
  1. To cancel these recurrings, is cancellation in Civi sufficient? There are no subscription modification options at Amazon's console, and I want to make sure that if we tell this donor their donation is canceled that they will not see further charges.
  1. I'm inclined to cancel both of these donations and let the donor know that recurring Amazon is not fully supported. Is there a downside from fr-tech's perspective to keeping one of these active?

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MBeat33 created this task.Nov 16 2020, 5:28 PM
Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptNov 16 2020, 5:28 PM

It looks like a lot of backend work around Amazon recurring has been done T107391: Amazon recurring (Epic) - maybe we need some kind of definitive on/off switch?

Cstone added a subscriber: Cstone.Nov 16 2020, 6:20 PM

1- I was looking into some other Amazon recurrings that I saw, I tried to replicate it myself and could not get one to be recurring. If you can get more info from the Donors that would be great.

2 - While they are in Civi as recurring they aren't being charged monthly as we don't have that part of the code built out. Cancellation in Civi is sufficient.

3 - There isn't a downside in keeping them as active recurrings but I think it would be best to cancel them just to prevent any further confusion.

Thanks for the info, @Cstone. I'll cancel both and ask them to use card or PayPal if possible, and to let us know how they did it.

MBeat33 moved this task from Backlog to Bug Reports on the fr-donorservices board.Nov 17 2020, 6:06 PM