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Clean up messages for sorting orders
Open, Needs TriagePublic


While fixing T236891: AdvancedSearch does not offer nor describe “incoming_links_desc” sort and T239030: Search sort by create_timestamp_asc not recognised we wrote more messages for sorting orders, in addition to the ones originally introduced via T197525: Let users sort results by time (older or newer results).

KeyShort previewOption in dropdown
relevanceSorted by relevanceRelevance
last_edit_descSorted by edit dateEdit date – current on top
last_edit_ascSorted by least recently editedEdit date – oldest on top
create_timestamp_descSorted by creation dateCreation date – current on top
create_timestamp_ascSorted by least recently createdCreation date – oldest on top


  • Esp. the two …asc messages don't match in the preview and the dropdown.
  • It's not easy to see the difference between desc/asc.
  • They feel a little long and convoluted.

The task is to clean these up, i.e. make them more consistent and easier to understand.