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Investigate how to generate release notes
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Release Notes are expected to include quite detailed enumeration of potentially relevant technical changes, similar to Mediawiki's release notes:


  • Determine a realistic process to generate release notes
  • Determine a way to distribute release notes (e.g. in the tarball? or beside it?)
  • document it in an ADR

The software in scope for this ticket is:

  • Wikibase as an extension
  • WDQS

Possible brainstormed solutions are:

  • parse git log (maybe with special keywords)
  • file maintained in the code repo
    • parse either with dates in the files
    • or looking through git history
  • file maintained in the "release" repo
  • make it part of the phabricator task cycle and somehow extract from there
    • e.g. maybe a column on the camp board
  • maybe the navigators should be writing this?

Event Timeline

I note this ticket is related to T267734, which was not included in the sprint. Added it as a parent task.

I admit not knowing all the context and thoughts that lead to this task. I do, however, have an impression that it is jumping to deciding on "how" whereas the "what" might not have been defined yet.

I would have started with defining what is the intended purpose of release notes, i.e. who do we expect to read them, and why - that is what information do we expect them to look for.
This would would inform the decision on what kind of information should be written in the release notes. I suspect that it will, for example, give an answer to the question whether the release notes should be automatically generated, or hand-written.

Knowing what exactly we want to have would then lead to the task on technicalities how to generate what we want to generate (if we do), where to put it, etc.

Apologies if this whole decision process has happened already. It is not visible in the ticket as it stands now.

@WMDE-leszek At the writing of this ticket, we envisioned the release notes being similar to those of MediaWiki (highly detailed, likely targeted toward technical Wikibase maintainers and/or tool developers). The assumption, I think, was that a higher-level summary for the average user (features added, bug fixes, security fixes) could be generated by hand as part of the release announcement process. We could certainly revisit this as a separate decision.

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I started looking a bit at this on friday and put my name on it but haven't made any real progress yet.

Putting it back in the todo colum under the publishing steps.

@toan: Hi, this open task is only tagged with the Wikibase Release Strategy (Sprint 1) project tag which is archived. Please add an active project tag to this task so this task is discoverable on an active workboard, or please update the task status if this task should not have an open status anymore. Thanks a lot!