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cloud: clarify if relforge is still used from within CloudVPS
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We have firewalling rules in the production core routers for CloudVPS VM instances to contact relforge servers:

term relforge {                                                                             
    from {                                                                                  
        destination-address {                                                               
            /* relforge1001 */                                                              
            /* relforge1002 */                                                              
        protocol tcp;                                                                       
        destination-port 9243;                                                              
    then accept;                                                                            

Nobody in the cloud team knows if this is still valid / in use. This task is to try clarifying that point.

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It still is, but only temporarily. These servers are being decomissioned, but only after the new servers in T262211 are provisioned. The service is moving to the analytics network and at that point will no longer be needed from cloud.

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